Thursday, July 9, 2009

A woman should also be able to propose to a Man…

Hell NO. Are you insane?

Who even comes up with these crazy things? I am as forward thinking as they come, or at least I would like to believe that I am, this is a big no no...

Believe it or not, in my drive in to work this morning, I was listening to the radio; 93.7FM here in Connecticut; and I heard them talking about a new ring called the Corona; I believe that is how it is spelt. The Corona is the name of the ring that a woman uses to propose to a man.

So the way it works is that when a woman is ready to get married to the man, she goes out, buys him this ring and proposes.

Okay as crazy as the idea was, I was even more appalled at the response of some of that men and women that called in—they actually thought that this concept was okay.

When a woman decides that her next step is that she should now propose to a man, she should in the process start arranging for a divorce attorney. Yes, I have heard cases where women have proposed, and the relationship has “worked”.

My conclusion is that any man that accepts a ring from a woman, to say it mildly, needs to grow some balls.

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